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Apple Tablet

Everyone’s doing it, so here’s mine:

  • 9-inch screen
  • iPhone-style buttons/ports (volume, headphones, home button, power button, dock port)
  • Price: 700-900 – maybe 2 tiers, but probably only 1
  • Free, limited 3g network support (a la Kindle), ‘full’ paid option available too
  • Internal memory:120GB
  • RAM 1-2GB
  • Name: Mac Touch or Apple Touch

You’ll install apps (full apps) like you would on an iPhone, set it up in iTunes, then when you sync the tablet, the app moves over and is installed.

Updtated thoughts, the day before the event:

  • iPhone tethering for mobile internet OR a full plan may be purchased (most major carriers available)
  • Big focus both on things like creative brainstorming uses, media creation (podcasts, video editing, graphic design)
  • Clarification on app installs: just as on the iPhone, there will be an app store that one can purchase from/install from
  • iPhone apps will run on the device as widgets, maybe an iPhone-sim type app.
  • Revising cost: $500-$800

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  1. Great blog.

    What do you think of the Apple Tablet?

    Man was I let down this thing should have been awesome instead Jobs settled for a cheap device.

    iPad Touch

    Thursday, February 11, 2010 at 3:19 am | Permalink

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